The WFDF World Masters Ultimate Club Championships is taking place across the North and South campus field sites of the University of Limerick. 

A mixture of high quality grass and 3G pitches will provide athletes with fantastic fields of play. The two sites are located at either end of the University campus approximately 20 minutes walk from each other. It is a tightly packed campus designed for students to be able to walk anywhere in a few minutes.

South Campus

  • ‘The Bowl’: One (1) grass pitch, including Showcase Field 1
  • ‘Maguires Field’: Six (6) synthetic grass pitches, three (3) grass pitches
  • ‘Ten Acres’: Six (6) grass pitches
  • Located beside Kilmurry Student Village

Find it on Google Maps here.

North Campus

  • Five (5) 3G artificial grass pitches
  • ‘Boat House’: One (1) further backup grass pitch a short walk away
  • Located beside Cappavilla Student Village

Find it on Google Maps here.