Ultimate Village's

UL is Ireland’s premier university campus, having an array of student village accommodations, restaurants, shops and world class sporting facilities. As a result, it is expected that athletes/staff will be able to walk from their accommodation to the various points within the venue with ease.

The University of Limerick is situated on a superb riverside campus of over 130 hectares, with the River Shannon as a unifying focal point. The attractive on-campus accommodation is in the style of residential villages of individual apartments or houses.

The event venue offers high quality apartments with both ensuite and non-ensuite rooms available. These modern complexes offer spacious accommodation with shared living/kitchen areas, enabling teams to have the option to cater for themselves. All residential villages are located on the beautiful parkland of the University campus.

Deadlines for final numbers and payments as well as the cancellation terms for accommodation are currently provisional and will be confirmed at a later date. Transport to and from the official after party will be provided from the University Campus. No added pickups will be arranged.


The University accommodation for WMUCC is now full. Please see bottom of page for alternative options and for any accommodation FAQ’s you may have.

Kilmurry Village/Plassey Village

  • Euro €42.5 per person per night
  • All rooms will be individual rooms
  • Shared bathrooms
  • House sizes will vary from 4, 6, 8 beds. A house is a number of rooms grouped together with a shared kitchen and common area.
  • Kilmurry Village: Located beside main UL South Campus field site and Tournament HQ
  • Plassey Village: Located 20 mins walk from UL South Campus and 25mins walk UL North Campus field sites

Cappavilla Village / Thomond Village / Dromroe Village

  • Euro €42.5 per person per night
  • All rooms will be individual rooms
  • Ensuite rooms
  • Apartment sizes will vary from 4, 6, 8 beds. An apartment is a number of rooms grouped together with a shared kitchen and common area.
  • Located beside North Campus field site
  • Cappavilla Village: Located beside UL North Campus field site
  • Thomond Village: Located 5mins walk from UL North Campus field site
  • Dromroe Village: Located 20mins walk from UL South Campus and 15mins walk UL North Campus field sites

Accommodation FAQ's

Is it correct that WFDF will be offering lodging at the university where the tournament is held?  If so, will that lodging be available for spouses / children of players as well?

Yes, the tournament LOC will offer accommodation for booking on the University campus. Spouses and children can stay at this accommodation also. All information about this, including specific accommodation FAQs, can be found here on our website:

Who can stay at the official tournament accommodation?

  • Players and NPTS paying their respective tournament fees
  • Partners / guests who wish to stay at the official tournament accommodation and attend social events must be event participants and pay the NPTS fee

Children (under 16) may only stay at tournament accommodation if they are accommodating their parents and have booked their own room, or are staying in the room with one of their parents for children aged 2 years and younger (For fire regulations, these children should be small enough to share a bed or to bring their own sleeping cot/mattress that fits in the room without obscuring the dormitory door/access way. Children under 16 do not need to pay the NPTS fee to attend the event with their parents)

Is it possible to get rooms for families on campus?

No, unfortunately the campus does not cater for family rooms and all rooms are single occupancy. Each individual will need to have their own room. Children aged 2 or under can stay for free. A limited number of cots will be made available. Families could for example request a four bed house on campus if there are two adults and two children staying. This should all be managed centrally by team administrators through our booking form. More information about all of this on the accommodation page of our website:

Are pets allowed in the campus accommodation? Are they allowed at the fields?

Pets are prohibited in the campus accommodation, unless they are for guide or care purposes. Pets are allowed at the fields but must be on a leash at all times.

When booking accommodations, what happens if we have an odd number (i.e. 25) for housing as all options appear to be in increments of four minimum? Would odd numbered players be grouped into a house or apartment with a different team?

Teams will not be grouped in with other teams if there is an odd number for housing. If the accommodation books out we may explore this option but it is likely there will be some rooms left unoccupied in the case of odd numbers.

What are the cancellation charges for the official tournament accommodation?

Should the Client cancel the reservation, all deposits as set out in Schedule 2, received up to that point will be retained by the Provider.  Should the reservation be cancelled due to COVID-19 with travel restrictions preventing teams from travelling to the event or circumstances that can be verified as relating to Covid-19, the provider will agree that deposits paid up until that point will be refunded.

If I need to amend my accommodation request, who do I contact?

Please contact for any accommodation change requests. Provide your team name and team contact person who made the booking request.

How many bathrooms in 4 / 6 / 8 bed houses in the University campus?

All houses in Kilmurry Village have two shared bathrooms. All apartments in Cappavilla Village have en-suite bedrooms.

Can People Share Rooms? 

All rooms are designed to be single occupancy. We can not offer shared rooms for a number of reasons. The houses are designed for a certain occupancy, so a 6 bedroom house would have room for 6 people at the kitchen table, cutlery for 6 etc. Many of the rooms have double beds but the accommodation is designed for a specific amount of people. For instances, we are unable to have 12 people stay in a 6 bedroom house. There wouldn’t be enough space in the living/kitchen areas. 

What is the price for Children? 

Children aged 2 or under can stay for free. A limited number of cots will be made available. Children aged 3 or older will have to pay the same rate as adults and will be provided with the same accommodation. Children will not have to pay a player fee.

Can people stay outside the tournament dates? 

Yes if players wish to arrive a few days early or stay late they can book accommodation for those dates. Any variation in dates can be accommodated and should be mentioned in the comments section of the booking form. 

If you have expressed an interest in on site catering for your Team, sample menus and prices will be sent out to you in March.

What is the Booking deposit schedule? 

Booking agreements will be sent to main team contact in February/March 2022

First 25% due by: March 2022

A further 25% due by: April 2022

Final 50% due by: Friday 3rd June 2022

These dates may vary.

Will there be a great atmosphere at the tournament accommodation? 

Most Definitely! 

Offsite Accommodation

Teams that book outside the official event accommodation, will be responsible for getting to and from the venue daily at your own cost. Parking will be available onsite at no charge. 

Near University:

City centre (far from University) :
Near LIT pitch site:
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