Must spectators pay to attend the event?

No – the WMUCC is FREE ACCESS FOR ALL to attend! Bring your friends and family with you to watch the best display of Ultimate Frisbee.

I understand a national team can only have maximum 4 resident non citizen players. Is this applicable for all categories or is the ratio lower? Can the national federation allow non resident non citizen player on a national team? If so, what is the player cap for this and will the federation need to endorse said non resident player during roster submission?

WMUCC is a club team event – therefore the rules around rosters are somewhat more relaxed than National Team events. Teams attending WMUCC should be referencing the WFDF rules of Ultimate   and refer to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2021-2024 APPENDIX – Section D Eligibility and Roster Guidelines. (Page 18). SECTION D2 (Team Eligibility for CLUB TEAM ROSTERS). *the question above refers to rules outlined for National Teams and does not apply to WMUCC.  Your rostered players must be a member of the National Federation for the country they are playing for, they must also meet whatever other requirements your National Federation places on them – Your NF is responsible to endorse and sign off on your roster, so please reach out to them about your team composition if you have players that are not normally forming part of your club team.

Will there be childcare / day care similar to the event in Winnipeg 2018?

The LOC are looking into the possibility of this but it is not guaranteed. Please see more information here on our website and we will update in due course:

Are there laundry facilities available?

Yes there is a laundry facility available on site. They are available with coin pre-pay use and you will need to bring your wash powder with you.

What is the climate like in Ireland in June / July?

The climate of Ireland can be described as a maritime influenced, mild and humid climate. May to mid-September is by far the warmest and generally the dryer time of year, relatively speaking. In summer, temperatures generally fall in a range of 15°C to 20°C, but sometimes they can reach up to 25°C or even higher.

Where are the nearest supermarkets and chemists / pharmacies?

We will provide a map of the local area closer to the tournament with details of all useful amenities.

What are the top restaurant / takeaway recommendations?

We will provide a map of the local area closer to the tournament with details of all useful amenities.

Where are the closest airports and what are the best transport links?


Shannon Airport – 30 minutes drive from UL campus

Dublin Airport – 2 hour drive from UL campus

Bus links:

Eir Eagle – direct from Dublin Airport to Castletroy (10mins walk from UL) in 2.5 hours

Dublin Coach – direct from Dublin Airport to UL campus in 2.5 hours

Bus Eireann – coach service from Shannon Airport to Limerick City Centre

Can teams book training pitches at the venue in the days leading up to the event?

Yes, but this will be arranged at a closer date.

Will there be parking available at the University for players and spectators?

There is free parking on site at various points around the UL campus and at the official tournament accommodation on campus. Some car parks on campus are also paid. We will mark both of these clearly on the site map in the Event Guide.

Will the tournament provide catering/meal plans?

We will offer teams the option to book a range of meal plans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These will be catered by the University of Limerick on campus restaurants which are all conveniently located within walking distance of the official accommodation and main pitches.

Sample menus will be shared with teams around March and bookings will open. Where possible it will include vegetarian / vegan options, however we cannot guarantee every allergy / preference can be accommodated.

When can teams collect their food / sit down for meals?

More details will be provided on this closer to the tournament. We will give teams guidance on the restaurants they should eat at and the times meals will be open. Food will be available later into the evening for those playing the late games of the day.

Could you please help us understand the “Personnel/Gender Ratio Rule” for Mixed teams? 
At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the personnel ratio for the first point of the game. After that first choice, teams do not get a choice about what the ratio will be for a point, regardless of whether they are on offence or defence, or which endzone they are at. As an example, if the personnel ratio that is selected for the first point of the game is with 4 female players, the second and third points of the game must be played with 4 male players. For the fourth and fifth points of the game the ratio must be 4 female players. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern).
To be clear, the “Gender Pull Rule” is NOT in effect for WMUCC or WUCC, so any player can pull the discs at the start of the game/after points. WFDF will ONLY use that rule for the IWGA World Games in 2022.
What are the rules regarding event logo usage on team uniforms?
Teams competing at a WFDF sanctioned events are permitted to use the official event logo on their uniforms only. Official logo must be no larger than 4”/10cm wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform. (Light and dark competition jerseys and shorts only). The official event logo may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear/use off the competition field. (Hats, long sleeves, warm-ups, bags, etc.) Use of the official event logo on uniforms does not mean that any team has any official connection or representation on behalf of the event. The use of official event logo in ANY other form outside use on playing uniforms is strictly prohibited. The event logo may not be used for printing in brochures, on promotional materials, adverts or discs. Any team found in breach of the uniform rules found in Section C of the Rules appendix “”  or in breach of the terms for the logo use will be referred to the WFDF Tournament Rules Group. For Recommendations see “” 

Uniform guidelines are here
Uniform rules are here
Logo Use is here

Can sponsor logos be placed on our uniforms?
Addition of sponsor logos to team uniforms are permitted so long as the uniform, layout and design are all the same. Sponsors should not include sports nutrition, hard liquor, tobacco, and casino or gambling businesses.


Is it correct that WFDF will be offering lodging at the university where the tournament is held?  If so, will that lodging be available for spouses / children of players as well?

Yes, the tournament LOC will offer accommodation for booking on the University campus. Spouses and children can stay at this accommodation also. All information about this, including specific accommodation FAQs, can be found here on our website:

Who can stay at the official tournament accommodation?

  • Players and NPTS paying their respective tournament fees
  • Partners / guests who wish to stay at the official tournament accommodation and attend social events must be event participants and pay the NPTS fee

Children (under 16) may only stay at tournament accommodation if they are accommodating their parents and have booked their own room, or are staying in the room with one of their parents for children aged 2 years and younger (For fire regulations, these children should be small enough to share a bed or to bring their own sleeping cot/mattress that fits in the room without obscuring the dormitory door/access way. Children under 16 do not need to pay the NPTS fee to attend the event with their parents)

Is it possible to get rooms for families on campus?

No, unfortunately the campus does not cater for family rooms and all rooms are single occupancy. Each individual will need to have their own room. Children aged 2 or under can stay for free. A limited number of cots will be made available. Families could for example request a four bed house on campus if there are two adults and two children staying. This should all be managed centrally by team administrators through our booking form. More information about all of this on the accommodation page of our website:

Are pets allowed in the campus accommodation? Are they allowed at the fields?

Pets are prohibited in the campus accommodation, unless they are for guide or care purposes. Pets are allowed at the fields but must be on a leash at all times.

When booking accommodations, what happens if we have an odd number (i.e. 25) for housing as all options appear to be in increments of four minimum? Would odd numbered players be grouped into a house or apartment with a different team?

Teams will not be grouped in with other teams if there is an odd number for housing. If the accommodation books out we may explore this option but it is likely there will be some rooms left unoccupied in the case of odd numbers.

What are the cancellation charges for the official tournament accommodation?

Should the Client cancel the reservation, all deposits as set out in Schedule 2, received up to that point will be retained by the Provider.  Should the reservation be cancelled due to COVID-19 with travel restrictions preventing teams from travelling to the event or circumstances that can be verified as relating to Covid-19, the provider will agree that deposits paid up until that point will be refunded.

If I need to amend my accommodation request, who do I contact?

Please contact for any accommodation change requests. Provide your team name and team contact person who made the booking request.

How many bathrooms in 4 / 6 / 8 bed houses in the University campus?

All houses in Kilmurry Village have two shared bathrooms. All apartments in Cappavilla Village have en-suite bedrooms.

Is there an alcohol policy for the official tournament accommodation?

No, teams are free to drink alcohol at their houses/apartments in the official tournament accommodation. However, no alcohol can be brought into tournament venues such as restaurants, bars, marquees and pitches unless purchased on site.

Can People Share Rooms? 

All rooms are designed to be single occupancy. We can not offer shared rooms for a number of reasons. The houses are designed for a certain occupancy, so a 6 bedroom house would have room for 6 people at the kitchen table, cutlery for 6 etc. Many of the rooms have double beds but the accommodation is designed for a specific amount of people. For instances, we are unable to have 12 people stay in a 6 bedroom house. There wouldn’t be enough space in the living/kitchen areas. 

What is the price for Children? 

Children aged 2 or under can stay for free. A limited number of cots will be made available. Children aged 3 or older will have to pay the same rate as adults and will be provided with the same accommodation. Children will not have to pay a player fee.

Can people stay outside the tournament dates? 

Yes if players wish to arrive a few days early or stay late they can book accommodation for those dates. Any variation in dates can be accommodated and should be mentioned in the comments section of the booking form. 

If you have expressed an interest in on site catering for your Team, sample menus and prices will be sent out to you in January.

How do we check into our accommodation?

Each official tournament accommodation village has a reception and teams booked in will receive more information closer to the time around check in times, reception contacts, etc. You will be able to collect your keys from the reception and find out key information you need to know.

Is there security at the tournament accommodation?

The University of Limerick has 24 hour security roaming the campus. However, we encourage all players to lock doors when leaving their houses/apartments and keep your valuables safe.

When will we receive details as to what facilities are at the tournament accommodation (specific to whatever site they are staying – eg, sink in room or en-suite etc)  

Information should be provided in your booking confirmation and provided by the University Reservations team. If unsure of any facilities in your accommodation, please email

Is there wifi provided at the tournament accommodation?

All official tournament accommodation will have WiFi for players to connect to.

What is the Booking deposit schedule? 

Booking agreements will be sent to main team contact in January/February 2022

First 25% due by: Friday 4th February 2022

A further 25% due by: Friday 1st April 2022

Final 50% due by: Friday 3rd June 2022

These dates may vary.

Will there be a great atmosphere at the tournament accommodation? 

Most Definitely! 

Registrations & Fees

Do children also have to pay the “Non-Player Team Support” (NPTS) fee?

Children aged 16 and under, and babysitters looking after kids under 8, do not need to pay the NPTS fee, they will be provided with full access to the event and field sidelines to be with their parents on all days. Kids and Babysitters will not be given access to the official event after party.

Do guests / babysitters / family members / etc. need to pay the NPTS (Non-Player Team Support) fee?

This depends on what your “guest” would like to do at the event. Examples:

  • If your guest just wants access to the University campus to attend and view the event, there is no fee involved as they are just a spectator (currently there are no ticketing fees for the event, we may have tickets for Finals day but this is still TBC)
  • If your guest wants access to official tournament venues, social events and parties, they will need to pay the NPTS fee
  • If your guest wants to stay at the official University accommodation, they will need to pay the NPTS fee

See here what is outlined in the first event bulletin released Sept 2021: Non-playing Team Support fees are for people traveling and associated with the team (coaches, medics, support, admin and guests) but are not taking the field to play. They will receive the same benefits as a player but will not be on any roster and are not entitled to play. Spectators are non-accredited individuals who will not be able to participate with the team or take part in any of the event or team functions and will be treated as spectators.

It’s gone past the player registration deadline – what does that mean for me? 

All teams get a last chance to increase player numbers and NPTS guests – you can do this up until roster lock date (all players fees on the roster must be paid for in full before we close the rosters (approx. 11 weeks out from event) 

*Note Do not email karina now to change your team size – You get the opportunity to change your team size in the Player Briefing Book (PBB) and again via an online form. Do not email Karine or the Bookkeeper from WFDF asking for more players to be added.

Must I show proof of WFDF Rules Accreditation level to participate? 

Yes, all players on the team must have current WFDF Rules Accreditation (current is any certificate obtained since 1st of January 2021). At least 50% or more of the team must hold ADVANCED with the rest holding STANDARD. The Captain, Spirit captain must hold Advanced Accreditation. Instructions on this will be in the PBB. Players should aim to have this done before roster lock to complete the testing, but we will not check until Event Registration through a check sheet. There will be spot checks on all teams at random throughout the event made by the SOTG team.

*Note: All players will be required to hold a current certificate of online anti-doping education – again, more information to follow in the PBB.

Where can I find championship rules? 

On the website

I can no longer attend the tournament – can I get my player fee refunded?

Players fees are non-refundable, but are transferable to another player within your team. Should you have a medical certificate, please follow the process as outlined in the PBB and decisions will be made case by case.

Where do I get my accreditation card?

Accreditation cards will be provided to team leads/managers upon registration at the event. Registration will be open from 3pm Thursday 23rd June to 9pm Friday 24th June at the University of Limerick.

Do I need my accreditation card to move around the tournament venues?

Yes, you need your accreditation to enter all official tournament facilities – restaurants, parties, physio tent, shuttle buses.

I lost my accreditation card – what do I do?

In the event you lose your accreditation, please speak to a volunteer at the Information Desk in the Main Tent at the UL South Campus site. There may be a small fee to cover the cost of producing a replacement. If you subsequently find your accreditation, please drop it back to the Information Desk immediately.

I have a SOTG issue after playing a match – who can I speak to about this?

An SOTG desk is located at the Information Desk in the Main Tent at UL South Campus. Please report your issues here and they will be escalated to the SOTG tournament group for review. If playing games at UL North Campus or TUS, please report your SOTG issues to the Information Desk on site which is marked on the event maps.

Players & Schedule

When is the Opening Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony?

The Opening Ceremony is on the afternoon of Saturday 25th June. Time is currently TBC, around 2pm. We expect all teams to be there to represent during the Parade of Nations.

The Closing Ceremony will take place after the last Finals game on Saturday 2nd July and should be finished around 5pm. There is a second tournament party planned for the Saturday evening after this.

What day do games begin? And when will finals end?

Opening ceremony and showcase game are on the afternoon of Saturday 25th June. First round of full play for some divisions will likely follow this on the same day. All teams should make your travel plans accordingly.

Finals will end around 5pm on Saturday 2nd July. This is subject to change as the schedule is finalised.

How far in advance will the schedule be published?

The schedule will be published approximately six weeks before the start of the event. This is subject to change.

When will the first games start? And when will the last games end?

When will the Captain’s Meeting and Spirit Captain’s Meeting be held?

These meetings will take place on the morning of Saturday 2nd July. Times TBC. It is expected that all captains and spirit captains will attend their respective meetings.

Where are teams watching the opening ceremony?

There will be a grandstand on site at the Showcase field and the field also has a natural grass amphitheatre which is perfect for viewing. Only one representative from each team will be required for the parade of flags at the beginning of the Opening Ceremony. All other participants can relax and enjoy the show.

Must all teams be present at the opening ceremony?

Yes, all teams must be present for the Opening Ceremony.

Where are teams watching the closing ceremony?

There will be a grandstand on site at the Showcase field and the field also has a natural grass amphitheatre which is perfect for viewing. Teams who finish in placement positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and SOTG winners in all six divisions will be required to be present in full kit for the Closing Ceremony presentation of medals and awards.

Must all teams be present at the closing ceremony?

Attendance at the Closing Ceremony is not mandatory but we strongly encourage all teams to be present to celebrate the end of a fantastic event.

Regarding the rules, which ratio rule of the “2021 – 2024 WFDF Rules of Ultimate” will be used – Ratio Rule A or Ratio Rule B?

The prescribed Ratio ruel (see Appendix A.6.2) will be used. Women will not need to pull 50% of the time. Below is more information about this ratio rule:

At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting the personnel ratio for the first point of the game. After that first choice, teams do not get a choice about what the ratio will be for a point, regardless of whether they are on offence or defence, or which endzone they are at. As an example, if the personnel ratio that is selected for the first point of the game is with 4 female players, the second and third points of the game must be played with 4 male players. For the fourth and fifth points of the game the ratio must be 4 female players. This pattern of alternating the ratio every two points repeats until the end of the game (half time has no impact on the pattern).

What’s the best way to stay up to date when not at the event?
Be sure to keep an eye on our website and social media channels to have the latest in news and WMUCC ultimate. 
Where can people watch the event/broadcast online?
Everybody can watch the event/broadcast free of charge on the WFDF YouTube channel, thanks to our friends at Ulti.TV.
When will the broadcast schedule be set?
Broadcast schedule will be announced a few days before the event. Individual games being broadcast will only be announced the day before. 
Will all games be broadcasted online? 
Only a select few games will be streamed each day.

Health & Safety/Covid-19

What are the local emergency contact numbers and where are the nearest hospitals located?

Emergency services number: 112

Limerick Hospital and A&E – 18 minute drive from UL campus

Will there be a physiotherapist on-site for the tournament? If so, are they free or donation or paid?

Yes, we will have physios at site at the main UL venue for players to avail of. We are working out the details of this and likely it will be donation based.

Who is providing first aid / medical cover for the games and where will they be located? Will there be one per site?

First aid and ambulance services will be provided one of the national first aid services, e.g. Red Cross, St. John, Order of Malta. Each site will have their own ambulance and crew every day. Closer to the event, we will provide teams with site maps which will include location of first aid.

I’m injured at the tournament – where do I go for help?

Trained first aid and ambulance services will be present at all field sites throughout the tournament to assist injured players, however their main priority is serious injuries, accidents and emergencies. Physios will also be available at the UL South Campus who will treat injuries, provide taping and massage services.

How can players book a covid test?

Book Covid tests here. The covid test centre destination will be determined and highlighted in your booking confirmation.



Venue & Pitches

For information on venues and pitches, see here: 

Are the pitches all on one site? If not, will there be a shuttle between the locations or will all games be one one-site specifically (e.g. women’s on one location, mixed another, mens another)?

There are multiple pitch sites for the tournament. The majority of pitches are on the main UL campus (which also has the official accommodation and campus restaurants). UL is split into two pitch sites – North Campus and South Campus – which are around 15-20 minutes walk across campus from each other.

There are two other satellite sites with a smaller number of pitches – UL Bohs and LIT. We will run shuttle bus services to teams to these sites. A decision on how we will schedule divisions across sites has not been made yet, but we will likely rotate divisions playing at the satellite sites on a daily basis.

Are all the pitches real grass or are there some artificial?

We will have around 20 grass pitches and 10 artificial 3G grass pitches.

Are there any restrictions on footwear on the artificial 3G pitches?

Metal studs are prohibited on the artificial 3G pitches. Any player in breach of this will be removed from games and asked to change their footwear.

How far away will the toilets be?

Toilets and port-a-loos will be located at every site no more than 3-4 minutes walk away from the furthest pitch.

Can you drink the water from all the taps? Will these be signposted?

There will be dedicated safe drinking water points at all pitch sites. These will be signposted and marked on the tournament map provided to players before the event. Tap water from campus accommodations and restaurants is also fine to drink in Ireland. 

Will there be any indoor space for leaving bags etc. in case of heavy rain?

There will be various marquees and gazebos set up around the pitch site for shade and shelter. The UL North Campus also has indoor dressing rooms. However, each player is responsible for their own belongings and any bags left in covered/indoor spaces will not be monitored by volunteers or staff.

Is there an indoor space for players to hang out between games?

There will be a main player tent at the UL South Campus site with space for players to hang out, relax and socialise between games. The other pitch sites will also have covered spaces for players to hang out.

Where can I get food at the venue?

The main UL venue has several restaurants on site which are marked on the event map. The TUS site will have some food trucks on site and shops closer by for players to get food. Players should prepare in advance how and where they are going to eat each day to ensure they are looking after their health and well being during an intensive week long event. An interactive map link will be provided which shows many supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, restaurants and other useful facilities for players to avail of.

Can spectators eat at tournament venues?

Spectators can access the restaurants on campus at UL and use the food trucks at TUS. Food can also be brought into the field sites, this is not an issue.

Can we bring our own food into these venues to eat with our team?

Food can be brought into the field sites, this is not an issue.

Will there be wifi at the venue?

No field sites will not have an open WiFi connection for players to connect to. WiFi is available at on site restaurants and accommodation. If you are having issues during the event and cannot access mobile data, please visit the Information Desks for support or ask a volunteer for help.

Are there changing rooms for teams to use at the venue?

There are limited changing rooms at the UL South Campus site. UL North Campus and TUS have changing rooms which players can use. All changing rooms will be marked on the event map. For those staying on site at UL, the accommodation is within walking distance of the fields.

If it rains, can teams stay in the dressing rooms?

Yes, teams can find shelter in the dressing rooms, restaurants, tents and their accommodation if staying on campus.

Social Events

Will there be an option for spectators who are not Non-Player Team Support (NPTS) to buy a ticket for entry to the party?

We will provide options at a later date for spectators / family members who are not NPTS to buy tickets for the tournament party and other social events.

Is the tournament party on Friday night or Saturday night?

The main tournament party is on Friday 1st July, the evening before Finals Day

Can children attend the tournament social events?

No, children or any person under 18 may not attend social events or the event after party. Only event participants having paid the NPTS or Player fees may attend these events.


Do spectators need to buy tickets to attend the event?

The entire event will be free for spectators to attend, including Finals days. Both the UL and TUS campus’ are open and free for the public to access.

Where will games be streamed and will they be free to watch?

We will have a streaming partner covering the event for those who want to watch online globally. Our aim is to cover the showcase field all week plus an additional field for most of the event. More details on where and how this broadcast can be accessed will be shared later.


What’s the best way to get between pitches?

UL South Campus and North Campus are within walking distance of each other. TUS is at another site and shuttle buses will run from UL to TUS each morning and afternoon. If teams are staying offsite, they will need to arrange their own transport to and from field sites. Driving and taxi are the quickest option. Public bus transport is also an option with regular routes running from the city centre to UL and TUS.


I want to volunteer – is it too late to sign up?

It is not too late to sign up to volunteer but we have reached capacity for volunteers who need accommodation provided.  If you wish to volunteer and can provide your own accommodation or wish to join our waiting list, please contact us on 

What do I get in return for volunteering?

All of our volunteers will receive a uniform and be well fed and looked after while volunteering with us. Accommodation will also be provided for volunteers from overseas.

When’s the last day I can sign up to volunteer?

You can sign up to volunteer at any time but are currently operating a waiting list as we have had a huge response to our call for volunteers.