Media Accreditation

Please fill out this media registration form for any media related person wanting to attend a WFDF Major Event for Flying Disc.

We kindly ask you to complete one (1) form per person AND one (1) form per event.

*NOTE:  Media Licences will be allocated in two (2) separate categories;

a) PROFESSIONAL MEDIA – This is for any group or individual who will attend a WFDF Flying Disc Major Event to capture photos or videos, to conduct interviews or collect news, results or data for the purpose of gaining sponsors, paid subscribers, financial gain or to drive traffic to their website or to publicly report on the event.

b) HOBBY MEDIA – Any individual who represents a team, a WFDF National Federation, a player or a fan who would like to take photos, videos and or to write news for their own personal use and is not planning on the monetisation but is planning public publications of the content. Special allowances (such as access to restricted areas) will be offered to hobby media at WFDF’s discretion.

Please fill out this form with as much detail as possible  PRIOR to the event you wish to attend . Accreditation is subject to approval of WFDF & TOC Media Officers and you will be notified via email once your application is processed. Any applications received after the cut off will be issued solely at the discretion of WFDF. Please note, no event accreditation or access will be issued to any media who has not completed this online registration application.

Spectators should not complete this form if they do not fall into the two categories of Professional or Hobby Media as outlined above (if their capture of the event is purely personal with no publications. WFDF and the TOC reserves the right to deny access to any spectator in breech of the WFDF Media Policy.

For each accreditation request a passport portrait picture is required.



1. A WFDF media licence allows the licence holder to photograph/film games  provided they follow the WFDF media policy. Any violation of these terms could result in the license being withdrawn immediately.

2. All equipment must be brought with you to on-site registration for inspection.

3. The Licence may be withdrawn without explanation.

4. The Licence holder must remain at least 5 metres from the playing field proper, which will be defined by marked lines. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of WFDF.

5. At the discretion of WFDF, an exception to the 5m safety zone boundary may be made – if that is the case a WFDF media vest will be issued and grant the wearer to additional venue access

6. The licence holder releases WFDF/TOC from any claim and liability for any accident or damage caused on his/her properties or the properties of third persons.

7. The licence holder assures to respect the rules of WFDF/TOC and the authorities as stated in the entry form and the official manual and the WFDF event regulations. A violation of these rules may lead to immediate withdrawal of the licence without any compensation.

8. The licence holder declares consent to be filmed and photographed during the event. The licence holder is informed that the images and films may be used for TV and Internet footage and that there will be no compensation for the usage of the material and declares consent to these regulations.

By filling out this Media Accreditation Application – You agree to abide by the terms set out above.