WMUCC will be an eight (8) day tournament from Saturday 25th June to Saturday 2nd July, 2022.

The Coaches & Captains’ Meeting & the Spirit Captains’ Meeting will take place on Saturday 25th June, around midday. Attendance by at least one (1) representative for EACH TEAM is required to attend each meeting. For capacity reasons a limit will be two (2) people per team per meeting.

The Opening Ceremony will take place in the early afternoon of Saturday 25th June followed by the Opening Game and first round of games (if the schedule requires). Times for the Opening Ceremony and Opening Game will be advised at a later time, however we do expect each team (in uniform) to participate in the Parade of Nations during the Opening Ceremony and to be available to play the first round. Please plan your travel accordingly.

The Finals Day will be Saturday 2nd July, with the Medal and Closing Ceremonies taking place immediately after the finals.

Should weather cause delays to play, the schedule will be adjusted accordingly to ensure the finals are played as scheduled on Day 8 or prior.

Local Organising Committee

The event will be headed up by Barry Walsh and Liam Grant, with a local tournament organising committee of dedicated key staff consisting of Fiona Vaughan, Brian O’Sullivan, Christopher McAllister, Aoife McKeon, Nuala Casey and Ian McAuliffe. This group has been the driving force behind the organisation and delivery of major Ultimate tournaments in Limerick over the past nine years and they are committed to delivering a world class WMUCC.

The Siege of Limerick, Ireland’s largest Ultimate tournament attracting teams from all over Europe and as far as North America, and a host of both outdoor and indoor All Ireland National Championship tournaments are run through the same organising team. The Siege of Limerick annually hosts 32 teams and approximately 600 players/volunteers, and the LOC are confident in scaling up our operations to a World Championships sized event with experience and ambition.